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el diablo robotico ([personal profile] platypus) wrote2012-10-23 05:46 pm

marketing stupidity


I have a cold, so my brain may not be working so well, but I spent a good long time staring at this shelf trying to figure out the difference between these two medications.

Then I figured it out: THERE ISN'T ANY.

Just the price.

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Huh. "Multi-Symptom" claims to have a fever reducer, but then doesn't list it on the front of the box.

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Gotcha beat.

Behold the marketing language on our liquid dish detergent:

Read that realll slowwwleee. It's not that their 34 ounce bottle is cheaper than competitors' 24-ounce bottles. It's that it's 40 percent BIGGER than competitors' 24-ounce bottles.

Also, water is wet. And soapy.

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It's a floor polish and a dessert topping!
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Huh. There are two different SKUs on the tags, but you're right, the ingredients on both are the same -- except that somehow the one on the right doesn't offer "fever reduction" despite including acetaminophen. A triumph of marketing over science, apparently.

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Oh good grief.

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Ooookay. Is the lack of fever reducer really worth a buck, though?

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*slow blink*

So exactly the same thing, in the same percentages...for a buck more?

Sad thing is, there are people who'd pay it.

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The $6 one. clearly it works better.