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(ETA: The reason I ask is that Ken wanted to use the term in a geocache name, and I was a bit concerned about the connotations!)

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Dead pets???

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All dogs go to Asgard?

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I heard that term for the first time this weekend, somewhere... But I'd never heard it before.

It was in reference to dead pets. But I didn't vote, because... before a few days ago, I'd pick neither.

ETA: Actually, what I'd think of first is Rainbow Brite.
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Both? I think of dead pets but my immediate next thought is "but I don't know why they'd want to go to Valhalla."

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Our old cat would. And take the vet with her, I think.

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I knew it was originally a Norse mythology reference to Bifrost, but it's been co-opted. (And am I the only one who's annoyed by the dead pet thing?)
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It's not just you. I find the alternate use overly cutesy.

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Same here.

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Oh hell no. I find it cringeworthy. But I think it's here to stay.

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Yeah...but some people find it comforting, so I hate to snark on it. :(

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So, I need to go and learn Norse mythology.

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Many many years ago, a friend of mine who was involved with a bisexuals support group sent me a few copies of a newsletter he had worked on, called, "Bifrost: The Rainbow Bridge".

So that's what I think of. But I recognize that that's a fairly limited use. :)

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I know both, but I think of the pet reference more.