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I'm tempted to do something I threatened a while back and do APAD(ish) solely with cats. A Cat Picture a Day(ish).

I know people make jokes about cat pictures on the internet, but seriously, I love seeing people's cats.

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I too love seeing people's cats. Thus, I support your Cat APAD. Ish.
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I approve of this APAD(ish), and would lend you my cats if I could.

ETA: oh, I bet you meant we'd all take photos of our cats! I R SLOW TODAY. I could probably do a photo a day of the little buggers.
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Ha, yes! I love seeing pics of other people's kitties. I take enough pics of mine, I could probably put up a picture a day of them.

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I'd look at them!

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I could take photos of my kitties too!