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el diablo robotico ([personal profile] platypus) wrote2013-09-28 08:49 pm

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Signs of fall:

Colorful leaves
Chilly nights
The first cat-under-the-blanket of the season

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Aw, that icon! It looks like the kitty is sinking into the floor :)

My cat Ash loves being under blankets. Not so much on the bed, but if you are on the couch with a blanket he will nose his way under. :)

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My previous cat liked to tunnel under the blankets if he was cold or was feeling uncomfortable in his surroundings. When we visited my parents for Christmas he would not only crawl under there and cuddle with me, but go back under the sheets in the morning and snooze. When he heard voices he'd try to get out, but often he'd have lost his bearings and the lump under the sheets would move back and forth and side to side before a much-rattled cat would shoot out the pillow end of the bed.

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I might actually have a cat under the blankets this year. :) I've missed that since my Panther died.