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This is what happens when you don't clean under the fridge for a while.

I'd been vaguely aware that we'd been supplying Penny with new puffy balls as the old ones mysteriously disappeared for, um, a while, but I hadn't realized it was quite this bad.

Final tally:

53 puffy balls
two crunchy foil balls
three sparkly tinsel balls
one pom pom of unknown origin
a toy mouse
a catnip bag

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that's amazing! but on the upside, you probably won't need to buy new cat toys for a while!

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Wow! Years ago when we moved and cleaned behind our couch, we discovered about a two dozen socks that our dog had managed to hoard. Pets.

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When a repair guy came to work on our stove/oven, he was kind of surprised to find a half dozen Ping-Pong balls and a couple of highlighter markers (plus the inevitable toy mice). Ping-pong balls were my cats' favorite toy for about a year. :)

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That is a fantastic distribution. Coming from a stats person. I could totally turn that into an intro stats example problem.

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Much like the secret graveyard of the elephants, you've found the secret burial ground for your cat's poofy balls. Such a historic archaeological find merits chocolate. Or something.

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Haha! That's awesome and pretty impressive. My cats have never stashed that much, but my ferrets did. I had no idea until I pulled out cushions of the couch and cleaned under the fridge. Sneaky critters.

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Jack is indifferent to most toys, but my sister's cat loves fur mice and hides them under the piano.