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I'm pretty pleased with this.


(This is far from the only picture I took, but I'm exhausted, so it's the one you're getting tonight. I have to go admire my pumpkin now, because it's not going to last.)

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That is awesome.

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That's so cool!
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Outstanding! I hope you've posted it to Tumblr, too, because this needs to be passed around.

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Eee, fantastic!

I have also discovered that giving your pumpkin a coat of clear spraypaint increases its life expectancy quite a lot :)

That is some nice detail work on the tail and the lettering.

And, my huge grocery store did not have any carving pumpkins last night :( I might stop by and get one at the farmer's market today but it's a long shot :(

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excellent! that turned out really well - good job

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You should be pleased!