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After three days' use, I'm pretty sure I can recommend this heated cat bed. Or, rather, Moly can:




Moly was already a fan of "bowl" beds, so I was pretty sure she'd try it. And once she did, there was little getting her out of it. It's just a gentle warmth, but it's clearly enough to make a cat happy. (I did wonder, at first, if she was just sleeping in it because it was a bed, and not because it was warm, but she was never glued to her old bed like that.)

The other two cats never sleep in Moly's beds, so they haven't investigated or realized what they're missing. Hope it stays that way. (Er, not that I don't want them to be happy, but they're a lot bigger and furrier than Moly, and Toeffe already sleeps in bed with us, so it's not like they're deprived. It's tiny little Moly I worry about keeping warm.)

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Aww! Liqui-kitten takes the shape of her container.

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What a cute kittie. Looks so snug in there!

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I also have a cat called Florence. May i add you to my F list?