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This is a blank geocache log sheet. It's blank because we were the first to find it. AT 3:30 IN THE MORNING.

(Also, this was the only picture I took today, so it's the one you get. We were down by the bay, and I wanted to take a picture of the lights on the water, but my camera battery died.)
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New bike racks at the mall. I think.

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On the way to meet Ken after work.

Oct. 1st, 2012 08:26 am
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It's October 1st!

You know what that means...

That's right! I will try to take a picture and post it every day for the entire month. I will fail, but I will try.

You are welcome to join me. I don't care if you end up posting a picture a week, or doing it for only the first (or last) three days of the month, or even if you kick my ass by actually managing to post a picture every single day when I don't. It's A Picture A Dayish, so it's impossible to do it wrong.

I'm sure I will be cursing my stupidity for committing to this within the week, but that's part of the fun. With an invitation like this, how can you possibly resist?
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A fire in the fireplace at the UW-Madison Rathskeller.

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Miss me? I've got some pictures to catch up on...

Wet leaves by the Plaza, where my mom and I had lunch in Madison last Thursday.

Pretty leaves and Madison. )
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I am in Wisconsin. It was hard to muster any energy for photography today, so here's a quick shot from Kopp's, where we got hamburgers and ate outside. Outside! In Wisconsin! In October! Don't worry, the weather will suck tomorrow.
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Library ravens to the rescue, again. I had no good picture ideas until he showed up.

In other news:

This is the sort of thing I have to deal with while I'm trying to work on pictures to post for you. Toeffe's getting between me and the keyboard right now. He's purring.

This is the image I was working on when I took the previous picture. It's posted on someone's door at work. I am deathly afraid that whoever made it did not think it was completely absurd.

Toeffe is now curled up against my chest, half-lying on my wrists, purring his head off. I really need to go to sleep, because I'm flying to Wisconsin in the morning, but I'll indulge him a few moments longer.
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Thank goodness I saw this on the way to the car after work, because up till that point I didn't have crap for today's photo. I grabbed my camera, nearly dropped it, took three quick shots and completely missed the raven flying away. (I probably would have caught it at an awkward angle anyway -- my bird-in-flight shots never come out -- but in my head, that picture would have been awesome.)
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This is kind of a weird picture, but I like it. We were hiking through a flooded freeway underpass (there was a dry walkway on the side) and the trees and sky outside were reflected very brightly in the water. Also, Ken is in silhouette. ("Am I in your picture?" "Maybe.")

Another cool thing we saw:
Horse crossing button! There's a stable on this side of the street, and Penasquitos Canyon on the other. Lots of people like to ride there. I hadn't really considered the logistics of attempting to get a walk signal while crossing the street on a horse.

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Poison oak. Lovely this time of year, isn't it? It's all I can do not to cringe away from the image. I had to get awfully close to take this picture.

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A little crooked house:


This is going to end up on top of the Engineering building. No, really. It'll be part of the Stuart Collection, which includes a lot of other art I like.

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No picture yesterday. I have a cold. I should've taken one at the grocery store, but my brain was kind of fried.

Today I braved the out-of-doors long enough to get the mail and take a couple of pictures, but Moly kept getting in my face when I was trying to hook the camera up to the computer. Thus, this is the picture of the day:


Here are the ones I took outside, for good measure.


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Day 3, and I'm already posting late. Oh well.

This is a picture from my lunch walk on campus. San Diego has fall, too! Sort of. A little.

It's going to be gray and rainy for the rest of the week, and I've got a cold, so I'm sure the next few days' pictures will be really thrilling.
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Like I said yesterday: on the weekends, when we're out doing stuff, I don't devote a lot of thought to taking one special picture for APAD(ish). So it sort of feels like it'll actually start tomorrow. But I did take plenty of pictures this weekend, and here's one for today.

Today we cached in Lopez Canyon, the little sister of Penasquitos Canyon. The whole canyon floor is rocky like that. I bet it floods like crazy in winter. It was a lot less fun to hike than Pen Canyon, but we've pretty much cleared it of caches now.
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We geocached today, as we generally do on weekends. I took a lot of pictures, but I admit I wasn't thinking specifically about taking something to use as today's APAD(ish) photo. So when I got home, I went through the pictures I'd taken, and... well, I ended up wringing my hands over whether a deer skeleton was too gruesome to use as the picture of the day. But it's the coolest thing I saw all day, so I'm doing it. I'll lj-cut it, if you don't want to see.

Bones! )

Here are a couple of runner-up pictures for the rest of you:


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Glow Golf at Southridge Mall. My mom and I both got a hole in one on this hole, and it wasn't even a gimme.

Glow Golf was truly bizarre. (Mom: "What's the word for this?" Me: "Tacky?" Mom: "Surreal.") It was occupying part of a vacant Linens 'n Things anchor store at the mall (which had been Marshall Field's and Prange's and Gimbels before that -- how the mighty have fallen). The whole place was lit with nothing but overhead blacklights. There were two 18-hole courses -- the holes were necessarily rather small, but still, it was a good two hours of mini golf. We went on Monday afternoon, and the place was deserted except for us and a grandparents-and-granddaughter team; we started on the opposite end from them, and they left long before we were done. So we were basically alone in this weird, cavernous, glowing space. And they were playing the local Christian rock station. Like I said, surreal.

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Ol' Pink Nose is back.

Runner-up: flowers still hanging on in my mom's garden.
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The daytime photo of the day...

...and the nighttime one.

Both taken at Wehr Nature Center in Franklin; Friday was the Halloween Haunt, a 45-minute walk through a forest full of jack-o-lanterns.

A few more photos from the pumpkin walk )


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